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Case Histories

Michael Kramer: Criminal DWI & Traffic Attorney

Real Life Criminal Stories

“Marked”  Money Flushed Down Commode
Client was arrested for a bank robbery after being followed from the bank to a nearby building where he was discovered flushing “marked” money down the commode in the men’s room. After two trials, a jury could not agree on guilt resulting in a dismissal of all charges.

Stabbed a Friend
Client was arrested for stabbing a friend in the chest which resulted in his death.  The main witness against him was his girlfriend who was present during the incident. She testified to the verbal disagreement between client and deceased which the stabbing.  She said that the stabbing was intentional.  I was able to convince a jury it was not, but was actually self-defense.  Client was found not guilty of all charges.

A Drug Sale
Client accused of selling drugs out of his apartment.  Police execute a search warrant and find drugs, scales and packaging material indicating a drug operation.  Defendant was then arrested and found with several packets of drugs on this pers.  Charged with numerous felonies some carrying substantial mandatory jail time, I was  able to a obtain a reduced plea to one misdemeanor with all remaining charges dismissed.

Underage Marijuana Sale
Under age client discovered selling marijuana at school. Facing expulsion from school and criminal charges in Family Court, my legal services succeeded in limiting his punishment to a brief school suspension and no criminal charges.

Young college-bound girl was charged with the misdemeanor of making graffiti, which would impose a criminal record upon conviction.  With  community service and a convincing argument, I was able to obtain a conditional dismissal of the charges thus keeping her record clean.

Real Life Traffic Stories

Excessive Speed
Accused of speeding 82 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone (a six point speeding violation) and with six points already on his license, client was facing the immediate loss of his license.  The sole support of his family, client needed his license to work.  After retaining my services, I was able to negotiate a plea to a no-point parking ticket thus saving his license and livelihood. Real Life DWI Stories

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Too Good To Believe
Client was charged with an 11 point speeding violation (82 miles per hour in a 40 miles per hour zone), which upon conviction would mean the immediate loss of his license.  At a court conference, after pointing out many extenuating circumstances, I was able to obtain a reduction of his ticket to a no-point parking violation.
To say the least, client was extremely appreciative.

You Never Know
Client charged with going 85 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.  The police officer claimed he determined client s speed by pacing him in his police vehicle over a distance of Ω mile.  Because of client s poor driving record, the prosecutor would not agree to an acceptable plea bargain.  Client chose to  roll the dice  on a trial.  We won and he was found not guilty.  It turned out that the police officer s speedometer was not properly calibrated.

100 MPH Police Chase
After Police chase, client charged with speeding (100 MPH in a 55 MPH), reckless driving,  unsafe lane change, driving on a suspended license, failure to signal.  This totaled 17 points and two misdemeanors.
I represented client and was able to save his license and avoid a misdemeanor.

Real Life DWI Stories

7 DWI’s
For over 60 years client had amassed seven DWI charges and served jail time for three.  Client got arrested again for his eighth DWI offense, another felony.  Client called me and retained my services.  With my help and his cooperation I was able to arrange a treatment program that was acceptable to the court resulting in a sentence of probation and no jail time.

DWI: Sleeping in His Car
Client was discovered sleeping in his car, a block away from a bar, with the engine running.  Approached by the police, he was discovered to be intoxicated and arrested for DWI.  The police officer believed he intended to drive home.  After trial, defendant was found not guilty of any crime, as jury believed he intended to “sleep it off” and drive when he became sober.

Stolen Car and DWI
Client friends mistakenly left friend at a bar where they were celebrating a bachelor party, leaving him no means of transportation home.  Client stole a car and attempted to drive home to Connecticut. He hit two cars and was arrested for theft of a motor vehicle, DWI and reckless driving.  I represented client and was able to save his license, avoid jail and obtain a sentence of probation.

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