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What Are the Ramifications for Multiple Petty Larceny Charges?

Interviewer: What happens for a second or a third offense? How does the situation change?

You Are Less Likely to Be Offered an Advantageous Plea Bargain for a Second Offense

Mike: It changes in two respects. It changes with regard to the plea bargain disposition you’re going to be offered to get. Obviously, with a second offense, you’re not going to get an ACD anymore, assuming you received one for the first offense.

You’re going to have to fight awfully hard to get a violation reduced to a non-criminal disposition, if it’s a second offense. But it’s possible.

A Second Offense Will Be Added to Your Criminal Record and the Amount of the Fines Will Increase

The second offense, you’re not going to be facing jail time, in my opinion but you might be facing a criminal record. You might be facing a period of probation. You might be facing a more expensive fine.

In my opinion, it’s not until third or fourth offenses that you really have to worry about exposure to jail time.

NY Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Kramer
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