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Client Testimonials

“Mike Kramer is an answer to prayer. I was so stressed and scared that I would get my license suspended for speeding, and after one free phone consultation, I felt a tremendous sense of peace. After meeting with Mr. Kramer I felt hopeful that he could save my license and get me a reduced fine. That is exactly what happened. I ended up paying less than I thought too. I thank God for such a great lawyer. He is kind, smart, and knows the inner workings of the courts in Westchester. His help was greatly appreciated and I’m glad to know I can call him for help anytime I need advice. I even recommended him to a co-worker who recently got a speeding ticket. He’s a good guy with good character and lots of heart. He will take care of you.”

I.S. (March 29, 2016)

“Got a speeding ticket in Chappaqua/Pleasantville, NY area – where the courts are supposedly pretty unforgiving. Called MK and discussed the situation and my driving history briefly, and he gave me both best and worst case scenarios in terms of how much I might pay at the end. I was looking at maximum 4pts + court + ticket fees. Sent in my ticket and MK handled the rest. He called me several weeks later with even better news than I expected – MK was able to get my case dismissed! Totally worth all of the legal fee paid. Would seek out MK again, if ever necessary, but hopefully not!.”


“A few months ago, I got caught in a speed trap coming off of exit 8 of IT-287. I was extremely distraught since I also received a cell phone ticket in NYC from a year ago. Thus, I was facing a possible license suspension on top of the additional driver responsibility penalty.

I did some searching on the internet and called several traffic lawyers. I always spoke with some assistant that didn’t know anything. Not to mention that their rates were around 50 percent higher than what Michael was asking for. When I called Michael’s office, he personally answered the phone and the calm in his voice immediately put me at ease.

I went in for a consultation on the same day and he walked me through every step of the process as well as the nuances of the particular court we were dealing with. He asked a ton of questions to familiarize himself with my situation and gave me the best and worst case scenarios as is mentioned in other reviews.

I received a call soon after my pre-trial conference appointment in which Michael nonchalantly explained to me that he was able to get the best case scenario! My 6-point speeding ticket was downgraded to a zero-point $150 parking ticket! I say nonchalantly because the calmness in his voice didn’t waiver and he remained humble; not expecting any praise. This was simply his job and he does it extremely well.”


“I am very pleased with the resolution Mr. Kramer obtained for me regarding my traffic ticket. He handled everything; I did not even have to Travel to the court after contacting him. He let me know at our initial phone consultation what the best and worst case scenarios could be, and I am pleased that he obtained the best scenario at the end. He put my mind at ease saying he would take care of everything, and he did. We spoke of few days before he was to meet with the prosecutor, he went over everything and I knew what to expect. Of course I was nervous the day he was going to the courthouse for me, but I was surprised I wasn’t even more nervous.i absolutely feel this was because he was calm and confident, telling me he was taking care of everything. He called me from the courthouse, let me know what was going on, and followed up with a letter 2 days later confirming the details. I am pleased with the process and would not hesitate again to retain his services.”


“Michael was very thorough and informative right off the bat. He informed me of the best and worst likely scenarios we were facing under the given township. He went right to work and in a matter of a couple weeks, he had our violation substantially downgraded to avoid any NYS surcharges and an additional 4 violation points! Great to work with – it was a pleasure. Would absolutely work with again!”


“What I appreciated most about working with Michael Kramer was the feeling I had when he said, “Let me take care of it.” Not only did he take care of “it”, he took care of “me”, and the feelings I was having about a legal circumstance that seemed very beyond my control or understanding. Michael led me through a process that helped me to feel empowered, as well as informed and truly supported. The questions he asked were always with the intention to simply clarify exactly what we were dealing with from my perspective, and he would always offer the most likely way in which the court would respond, given all of the circumstances. He was clear, kind, and authoritative, and I could also tell that he was highly respected by the judge and the Assistant DA of New York.

Michael also helped me to achieve the best possible outcome from my case, which I am certain was not a guarantee. It was specifically because I was working with him, and he was truly working for me. I learned just how much legal circumstances can change, alter, and interrupt one’s life and well-being, and I am so grateful to have been in the hands of one of the best people I could have had on my side. I recommend him without reservation.”

A Client 

“He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy and he keeps me informed. I’m glad I hired him to look into my traffic ticket. Though the process is still on but from his responsiveness, and wealth of experience from his years of practice I am confident of a positive outcome. Lastly his fees and payment arrangement are just perfect for me. I am a relatively new immigrant wary of running afoul of the laws of the road around here but it appears one can never be careful enough, he listened to me patiently through my accent, offered me a comparatively pocket-friendly fee and a payment plan which is way much better than any other offers I got.

One more thing, and I think the most important for me, while others I called reinforced my stereotype of cop-lawyer-court symbiotic relationship that parasitically turn into their carrion those who run into some trouble, there was a tinge of EMPATHY in his voice and approach, others sounded exactly like the stereotype I have of lawyers, SHARKS. Overall, I’m much happy I hired him and I would strongly recommend him.”

A Speeding Ticket Client

“When I came to Mike, I was a truck driver with numerous tickets totally 17 points and facing the definite loss of my license and livelihood. Guess What? Mike was able to discover a technicality which resulted in the dismissal of all tickets. After that result, how can I not recommend Mike Kramer.”

A Traffic Ticket Client

“Reasonable and competent.Those are the words I would use to best describe my relationship with Michael Kramer.I was not interested in a trial for my DWI case.I just wanted it to be resolved expeditiously, achieving the best plea bargain possible. For a fee which was extremely reasonable, Mike did just that.I do not hesitate to recommend his services.”

JB., Dobbs Ferry

“I was charged with a criminal felony, my first criminal charge ever.My legal aid attorney said the best she could do was achieve a misdemeanor reduced charge with probation.I consulted then retained Mr. Kramer’s services.He was able to get the felony reduced to a violation, thus saving my job and any criminal record.I cannot thank him enough.”

K.S., Mamaroneck

“I had a traffic ticket for speeding.No big deal but I still did not want any points on my license.That is where Mike Kramer came in. I hired him, his fee was extremely fair. I did not even have to go to court and best of all; he obtained the result I wanted.”

J.M., Greenburgh

“Well knowing there is just so much that can be done on certain DWI plea bargains, I wanted an attorney who would make sure my case went smoothly and that the legal fee was reasonable.I did not want a lawyer who would charge a high legal fee to make efforts I knew would be futile.Michael Kramer did exactly what was desired and expected.His experience with the local courts permitted my case to be resolved in just two court appearances.Thank you, Mr. Kramer.”

A.S., White Plains

“Within one hour of my arrest for shoplifting I called Mike Kramer, who answered the phone directly.He spent twenty minutes explaining how my case would be resolved without a criminal record. I scheduled an appointment the next day.Mr. Kramer was friendly, sincere, and extremely knowledgeable in the court procedures in Westchester County.True to his representations, he obtained an ACD thus keeping my record clean.”

E.E., White Plains

“I cannot express how relieved I am after the full dismissal of my case.After months of worrying about the impact of a domestic violence arrest, I can now move forward with my life.Thank you Mike for your expertise and diligence and for getting me the best possible result.”

T.R., Dobbs Ferry

“I did not extensive search to find the right DWI attorney to represent me.You are the best choice I could make.You were diligent and productive in getting my case resolved with the best outcome possible.Thank you again for all your help.”

C.G., Bedford

“My public defender said I would have to serve 120 days in the County Jail.After I hired you, I ended up doing absolutely no jail time.I can’t recommend you enough.”

A.D., Mount Kisco

“I have used Mike Kramer since 2005 to handle both mine and my families’ traffic tickets.Unfortunately we are all rather heavy foot drivers and accumulate a number of tickets over the years.Each time I speak to Mike Kramer, he tells me with a great degree of accuracy how each and every ticket will be resolved based upon his knowledge of the particular court for which the ticket is scheduled.He then appears in court without the necessity for myself or my family to take a day off from work and obtains a great result, usually a reduction of the ticket to no points.I cannot recommend Mike Kramer enough.He is now our “family lawyer”.

W.P., Mount Pleasant

“What I like about your approach is that you do not sugar-coat the result you expect to achieve just to get the case.You are realistic and usually quite accurate in the result which can be achieved.”

F.C., Rye City

“Thanks Mike.Although I hope I will never need your services again.If I do not get another ticket – you are the first person I will call.”

S.O., Harrison

“Two of the worse feelings to fear and anxiety.

When I was arrested a couple of years ago, the first thing I thought of was how am I going to get through this and I prayed that I would not have to spend time in jail. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t think straight. I had this black cloud hovering my head, that would not go away.

I then started looking for an attorney and I met with several before I decided on Michael Kramer. Mike was personable and honest. He did not tell me what I wanted to hear but told me what could happen. He explained to me that it was a very tough case I might go to jail. But then he said what convinced me to retain him. He said he would do his absolutely best like he would want someone to do for him if he was in my position. The case took months but Mike was persistent in talking to the district attorney and working out a result that I could live with. It was a scary part of my life that could have gone so many different directions but thanks to Mike, it all worked out.”

A Shoplifting Client

“No parent should have to experience one of their children being arrested. The anxiety and sadness that fills your heart is overwhelmingly. When I called Michael, he calmed my fears. He filled me in on what to expect as well as the best and worst case scenarios. He was confident, patient and knowledgeable. He was also well known and respected in the court system. Michael kept me updated on the progress of the case and kept me involved in all decision that had to be made.

I would definitely recommend Mike and I would not hesitate calling on him again.”

Evelyn R.

“When first I learned I needed an attorney I was very scared. I was embarrassed. Mike made me feel comfortable and at ease and as I told him my story, he never judged or lectured me. He listened. When I was finished, he proceeded to tell me how the court system worked and he made me no promises but told me he would do his best to help me, and he did.

Throughout the court proceedings, he explained everything that was going on. With a lot of hard work and Mike guiding me, I received a favorable decision and learned from my actions.

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who has a problem and needs help. Mike made me feel that my case was just as important to him as it was to me. I hope I never need a criminal attorney again but if I do, I would definitely call Mike.”

Frank D.

“Aggressively protects the rights of individuals who have been charged with moving violations.”

A Speeding Ticket Client

“I have had the occasion to use Michael Kramer several times. Although he specializes in criminal law , he has unselfishly guided me to the appropriate attorney for other life lawyer needs.

Mr Kramer was kind , considerate , and realistic in defending my rights and my families rights. I also felt his compensation was fairly demonstrated . I would highly recommend Michael Kramer and if I need another lawyer , he will get my call.”

Kregg M.

“Mike is incredibly thorough. He kept me on top of every step of the process. He obviously knows his stuuf, and made sure I was fully informed about all aspects of the case. I couldn’t think more highly of him !”


“I employed Mr. Kramer on two different occasions to represent two of my children. On both, I was very pleased with the outcomes. I believe he was able to achieve the very best outcomes under the circumstances of the two different issues. Furthermore, I was impressed by the way Mr. Kramer kept me abreast of each step of the process, and the delicate manner with which he handled the family emotions. I would recommend his services without hesitation.”


“We have been extremely satisfied with our experiences utilizing Mr. Kramer’s legal services. This past year we required his support with two separate incidents, one involving multiple appointments in county court. Mr. Kramer is extremely professional and also personable, explaining the legal processes to us in terms anyone can understand, alleviating our uncertainty and our worries. His experience in the courtroom and with his clients is unparalleled and we were very pleased with our results. We would not hesitate to call upon him again and highly recommend his services to anyone requiring legal help.”

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