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At the Law Office of Michael Kramer in White Plains, New York you will find a criminal lawyer with over 30 year experience in Westchester and Putnam Counties and beyond. He is well versed in all the wrinkles and imperfections of the criminal justice system. Being prosecuted for any crime can be devastating. It can turn your life upside down. Facing a criminal charge without the help of an experienced criminal attorney can be a disaster. Your freedom and reputation are at stake. His practice focuses exclusively on DWI, TRAFFIC and CRIMINAL matters. As a sole practitioner, he provides his client’s accessibility and a degree of personal attention that large firms cannot. For other attorneys such cases are a small portion of their practice.

No Case Is Too Small Or Too Large!

At the Law Office of Michael Kramer, we have over 30 years of experience and expertise to handle even the most complicated criminal defense cases. Michael Kramer has an extensive background, and uses innovative strategies to handle criminal defense cases in New York. He has been providing clients with the supportive, strong defense required to protect their rights against all kinds of criminal charges. He brings more investigative and criminal law experience to the courtroom than most of the other law firms in New York. In case you are facing any criminal charges, it is important to understand and protect your rights. Thus, you need to secure the best criminal defense for yourself. An arrest for a drunk driving in New York carries serious consequences that which you should consult a criminal defense DUI lawyer. Individuals charged with a DUI/DWI or a DWAI face time in jail, suspension or revocation of their driver’s license, expensive fines, required alcohol screening and required education courses.

Additionally, as a result of recent changes, New York Law now mandates vehicle interlock devices for drivers convicted of certain alcohol or drug offenses. Even if your BAC was .05%, you will still be subject to many of same consequences, including jail time, license suspension and expensive fines. A DUI/DWI could also affect your current employment, your future career options and raise your insurance rates. However, being charged with a DUI/DWI or DWAI does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted and lose your license. The state has the burden of proving the criminal charges against you and you are entitled to challenge the strength of the state’s case and to contest suspension of your driver’s license. Hiring Michael Kramer Attorney at Law will better enable to defend your rights against a criminal DUI/DWI charge and to minimize the impact that the DUI charge has on your life.

Whether It Is DWI, Speeding, Drugs Or Any Criminal Matter Michael Kramer, Attorney At Law Can Help You Create The Best Strategy For Success. He Has Navigated His Clients Through The Maze Of The Criminal Justice System For Over 30 Year In The Cities, Towns And Villages Of Westchester County And Beyond, Such As White Plains, Harrison, Mamaroneck, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Eastchester, Etc.

Located along the Hudson River, Yonkers is New York’s fourth largest city and the largest city in Westchester County. A city in the center of it all, Yonkers serves as the gateway between New York City and the Hudson Valley. An inner suburb of New York City, Yonkers directly borders the Bronx and is located two miles (3 km) north of Manhattan at the municipalities’ closest points. Yonkers’s downtown is centered on a plaza known as Getty Square, where the municipal government is located. The area also houses significant local businesses and non-profits, and serves as a major retail hub for Yonkers and the northwest Bronx. Yonkers is Westchester’s retail center, from the Central Park Avenue corridor, to the newly-renovated Cross County Shopping Center, to the upscale Ridge Hill shopping complex, to local small businesses, to the big box stores, 

You can get to Yonkers from almost anywhere, and easily so. Ten Metro North Railroad stations serve Yonkers; five major highways connect Yonkers with the rest of Westchester County, New York City and beyond; and Yonkers has 4.5 miles of beautiful Hudson River waterfront. The city is home to several attractions, including the Hudson River Museum; Saw Mill River Daylighting, wherein a parking lot was removed to uncover a river; Science Barge; Sherwood House; and Yonkers Raceway, a harness racing track that has renovated its grounds and clubhouse and added legalized video slot machine gambling in 2006 in a “racino” called Empire City. Yonkers’ Downtown Waterfront district continues to grow, with hundreds of new luxury high-rise apartments offering stellar views of the Hudson River and Palisades, gourmet restaurants, shops, and parks, just a 25-minute train ride to midtown Manhattan. Businesses – large and small – continue to thrive and grow in Yonkers. The city is home to cultural amenities such as the Hudson River Museum, prestigious colleges such as Sarah Lawrence, shopping centers, the arts, entertainment venues such as Empire City Casino and beautiful parks.

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